URL validation failed. Try again later. While Validating EndPoint URL

We are migrating an application from one AWS VPC to another and our application has integration with Zoom. While verifying the Webhooks configured for the account, for stage we tried to validate after adding the new domain of the application, which is giving us an error. We need your guidance on this

@jj-dev Hope you will be fine.

Here is the session → How to enable Zoom WebHooks.

If any queries still please ask. Thanks

Thank You. How does it identify end point URL for different environments like Dev,QA and Production? In our case, all these three environments were configured by earlier urls say


After we setup the new environment we changed the dev and qa end points as

However we can see that all requests are going to www.prod.com/api/v1/zoom/hook which is worrying. Also the qa_new and dev_new validation has failed as well