Webhook validation fail - region lock or naming convention validation error!

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

  • Webhook validation for recording.transcription_completed.

Description I am attempting to set up a Zoom webhook pointing to a Google Cloud Function. While the webhook works flawlessly when pointing to the us-central1 region, it fails with a “URL Validation failed. Please try again later” error when pointing to the us-west1 region. The code and configurations are identical for both regions.

I’m wondering if there might be an issue with specific naming conventions of the application name or regional validations on the Zoom side. Specifically, does the endpoint URL need to include the same application name if we were to include 2 end point urls or adhere to a specific naming pattern for successful validation?


  • “URL Validation failed. Please try again later.”


  1. Authentication method or app type: Open (No OAuth)
  2. Any errors:
  • When using the us-west1 region in the request URL, the Zoom dashboard returns the “URL Validation failed. Please try again later” error upon validation. Switching to the us-central1 region with the same configuration successfully validates the webhook.

Hi @achilal

This is a bit weird. Can we schedule a call to go over this?