Usage minutes error - disappearing faster than they should?

Billing page says 8,425 of 10,000 free minutes remaining.
There’s no way I’ve used 1,500+ minutes.

Here’s why:

  1. I’ve only ever had 2 users connected.

  2. My first attempt at starting a session was approx. 3 hours ago, when I ran into the JsMediaSDK_Instance error linked below. I took a screenshot of the error, then closed the tab for both users to make sure I wasn’t consuming minutes.

  3. My first successful attempt at connecting to a session was approx. 1 hour ago:

But I still have not gotten stream.startVideo() to work successfully, so the last hour has probably consisted of ~5x 1-3 minute tests, with two users in each. And again, after each test, I close the browser tab, so there’s no way I’m still connected.

If the Billing page is saying I’ve used ~1,500 minutes, and I’ve always had 2 users connected, that would mean 1500min / 2users / 60min = 12.5 hours of continuous use with these 2 users connected, which just ain’t possible!

So, question…
Could someone please elaborate on what could be causing this? Definitely will not be able to move to production if it seems Zoom is multiplying actual usage by 10x+, especially while there are no official monitoring abilities, as described here:


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Update: Oh great, I just refreshed the Billing page and I’m down to 8,376 minutes, even though I haven’t done any more testing and the browser tabs have long been closed :sweat_smile:

Won’t be doing any more testing for the next few hours, so will refresh periodically and see if it keeps dropping. I realize it states there can be a reporting delay of up to 24 hours.

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Update: I’m a moron. Yesterday I realized I was not factoring in the time I had the Sample app open on localhost (I was just factoring in time spent in my production app). I forgot that localhost was also using my live app credentials.

Kind of annoying since I wasn’t using it at all - video/audio wasn’t enabled, I just had the one tab sitting idly so I could inspect elements / check things via console.

But I no longer think there’s a bug related to usage minute counting. Sorry about that!
…Not sure what to do now…do I mark this as the solution? :sweat_smile:


Hey @cscav,

So are you saying that you had the tab open, but wasn’t subscribed to any video streams? I believe the Video SDK only charges you for minutes subscribed, so if you weren’t subscribed to any streams then you shouldn’t have been charged.

Hopefully someone from Zoom can come back and clarify. @tommy was able to provide some insight for me last time.


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Hey @cscav ,

Can you provide a screenshot of the tab / page you had open ? We’d like to know if you were actually subscribed to video stream/s.


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