Use master account's S2S credentials

We are switching from JWT app type to Server-to-Server OAuth.
JWT app was shared between master and subaccounts, but with S2S OAuth it is not the case.

Question: Is it enough to create S2S OAuth on the master’s account and to use Account ID, Client ID and Client secret on subaccounts for communication with the API or S2S OAuth needs to be created on each subaccount?

Concretely, I’m asking about creating webinars. I see that I can use Account ID, Client ID and Client from one subaccount and UserId of another subaccount, and webinar is created normally. Is this a good approach?

Hi @nikola.sajic ,

Please use the master account credentials for authorization, but the subaccount id(s) when making changes or requests for those subaccounts across the endpoints. Make sure you’re using the Master account prefix for the corresponding endpoints you wish to use :slight_smile:

Are you saying you’ve done this successfully? A master account has privileges to create across subaccounts, but subaccounts shouldn’t typically be able to create for other subaccounts so I want to make sure I understand correctly!

Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Can you send me a private message because it is a bit hard to explain everything here?

We need to finish switching to S2S, but it is a bit confusing.

Thank you!

Hi @nikola.sajic ,

Just sent the message for your comfort :slight_smile: