Slave accounts inherit JWT and SDK APPS, webhooks still work the same?

Hi Zoom community,

I have a problem, I am configuring a master account and 5 slaves, I added JWT and SDK apps to the master account normally (cursalab01), but when I go to configure a slave account I see that the apps of the master account “inherit” (cursalab02)

I have some questions:
Is it possible to have separate JWT and SDK apps? If so, how do I do it?
In case you can’t have separate JWT and SDK apps, do master account webhooks work for legacy accounts too?
If I want to create meetings from the slave accounts through the APIs, can I do it using the tokens of the JWT app of the master account?

I hope I have explained myself enough. Thanks.

Hi @jc-cursalab,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good questions.

I’ve just DM’d you for some account details so that I can take a closer look at your specific cases. Can you reply back to that when you have a chance?


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Hey @jc-cursalab,

Thanks for sharing those details!

In taking a closer look, I think there may be a little confusion regarding master accounts that I’d like to help clear up.

Both of the emails you shared actually belong to one account. One is the account owner, and one is a user profile/member under the same account.

Both of the apps you’ve created are also account-level apps. The JWT app you created is account-wide, and you can only have 1 per account. It will be accessible to any member of the account who is able to access the Marketplace (has developer privilege). The OAuth App you’ve created is also an account-level OAuth app, so this will also be accessible to any member on the account to view.

So while you have a user who is the admin/owner of the account, and a member who also belongs to this account, it’s not a true master/sub account setup. We do offer Master Accounts and the ability for sub accounts. However, this is a special setup and requires our ISV team to enable it for you. If you’re interested in this, you can reach out to

I hope this information is helpful, but let me know if there are still questions. :slight_smile:


Hi @will.zoom ,

Thanks for clearing up that confusion.
So for this question:
If I want to create meetings from the slave accounts through the APIs, can I do it using the tokens of the JWT app of the master account?
The answer is: no, webhooks will not be available for meetings created by subaccounts via APIs ?


Hey @jc-cursalab,

If you have a master and sub account, you will be able to authenticate requests to sub accounts using credentials from the master account.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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Thanks @will.zoom, everything is ok.

Great, glad to hear it @jc-cursalab!


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