Use two concurrent meetings same account with different account name

I have an education account and I know it supports two concurrent meetings in the same user. Using API, when I create a meeting, I change the name of the user to match the name of the teacher who starts the meeting. What’s happening is that when I create the second meeting in the same user, and change the name of the user, the first meeting is also changed. For instance, imagine I have two meetings to start at the same time. One with Peter, and second with John. When Peter creates his meeting, I change the user name using API to match Peter. When John starts his meeting in the same account, using API, the name of the user is changed to John. The problem is that the user name of the previous created meeting with Peter is changed to John.
How can I solve this problem, in which, each user stays with his own name ?
Many thanks in advance.
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Hi @smonteiro
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
Are you doing this via API or manually? If this is being done via API, could you please share a little bit more details about the workflow you are following please? Including requests URLs and endpoints you are using.