Meeting Participants all given the same name (Host's name)

We are using the REST API to create a Zoom meeting and then having users join the meeting using the join URL that is passed back after creating the meeting. For some reason everyone who joins the meeting is given the name of the host. So if the name attached to the userID used to create the meeting is “David” then everyone in the meeting is given the name “David” under their video/audio stream. The users can rename themselves, but it’s not ideal. This remains the case even when users who are joining the meeting have Zoom accounts and are logged in with their own name setup.

Here is the data we are using to create the meeting through the API, if that makes any difference. We are not setting the name of the user anywhere in this meeting creation so I am not sure what else to try:

zoomMeeting =,
		"type": 1, //instant meeting
		"topic": 'Meeting',
		"agenda": 'Meeting created from... our app',
		"settings": {
			"host_video": true,
			"participant_video": true,
			"cn_meeting": false,
			"in_meeting": false,
			"join_before_host": true,
			"mute_upon_entry": false,
			"watermark": false,
			//"use_pmi": "boolean",
			"approval_type": 2,
			//"registration_type": "integer",
			"audio": "both",
			"auto_recording": (options.record === true? "cloud":"none"),
			"enforce_login": false,
			//"enforce_login_domains": "string",
			//"alternative_hosts": "string"
			//"waiting_room": true,
	headers: {
		Authorization: auth

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Can you please send us some screenshots showing the issue ?

Here is a screenshot showing two users in a call, both with the name set to “Courtney Williams.” Courtney is the user account that was used to create the meeting, using the endpoint "" + zoomUserId + "/meetings"

We have tried this with up to 5 participants, all who have the Zoom client installed and logged into their own individual zoom accounts. Everyone who joins the meeting gets this same name.

We have also tried this with different accounts. I tried creating meetings with the Zoom account we use to develop our Zoom marketplace app, as well as a separate Zoom account that we use for account services and they both have the same issue. It always names everyone in the call the same name as the user that was used to create the meeting.


I have reported this to our Engineers.

You can follow our changelog and developer roadmap to see the latest updates.


Hi @torshdev,

While we are trying to debug the issue, can you please let us know how your users are joining the meeting:

  • Join the meeting from the client?
  • Join the meeting with the join_url( /j/xxxx)?
  • Join the meeting with the start_url (/s/xxxx)?


Hi @Ojus,

Sure, the users are joining the meeting through the join_url that is passed back when creating the meeting.


Thanks for the info. I will get back to you with an update shortly.