Use Zoom Phone API to Forward all calls to external PSTN number

Reference API: Zoom Phone API

I would like to use the Zoom phone API to forward all calls for a user to an external PSTN phone number.

The documentation isn’t completely clear on how to do this and I am looking for some guidance.


  1. To accomplish this, would I utilize the sub_setting_type as call_forwarding OR as call_handling
  2. If the sub_setting_type should be call_fowarding, then what is the id for teh call_fowarding_settings. The call_forwarding_settings object has a field call id, that says “The call fowarding’s ID”. But what id is this? I am not forwarding to an ID, I am trying to forward to a PSTN phone number
  3. For the request body, can I just omit and not include the call forwarding ID? Would this be a valid request body? Example below:
    “settings”: {
    “call_forwarding_settings”: [
    “description”: “TestForwarding”,
    “enable”: true,
    “phone_number”: “+12058945527”
    “sub_setting_type”: “call_forwarding”

Hi @lance.walsh ,

These are great questions. I just reached out internally for clarification about why call_handling is not an available sub_setting to add and which is the best to use for your context.

In referencing the API guide (, call_handling subsetting is not mentioned.