Place outbound phone calls via API *without* Zoom Desktop Client

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We have an in-house CRM that places phone calls on behalf of users without the need for a middleman ( Zoom Desktop Client ) and we’d like to continue this after our potential migration to Zoom Phone from Avaya.

Describe the solution you’d like
I’d like the ability to place a call via Server to Server API by sending the User ID, the desired physical phone ID ( if they have multiple linked), and destination phone number without using the Zoom Desktop client at all. Obviously it should require an appropriate scope and all the necessary permissions / authentication measures as the other account level APIs do.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I have explored Smart Embed ( web apps only ) as well as the Call control feature ( which requires a bunch of extra configuration ) but both seemingly require Zoom Desktop Client which will pop up over the in-house application we have which i’d like to avoid. I’d like to get the Zoom Desktop Client out of the equation.

Additional context
Considering how you can initiate meetings on behalf of users but not phone calls seems like such an oversight.