User API | User API ID Does not match QOS User ID

Hey Team,

I am able to retrieve user information from the Users end point ("/v2/users?"). Here is an example of the response: ** I removed the key values **
“users”: [
“id”: “–1AlPhAN3Meric”, ### Altered… the ID is a 22 digit alphanumeric string that starts with ‘–’
“first_name”: ,
“email”: ,
“type”: ,
“pmi”: ,
“timezone”: ,
“verified”: ,
“dept”: ,
“created_at”: ,
“last_login_time”: ,
“last_client_version”: ,
“group_ids”: [ ],
“language”: ,
“phone_number”: ,
“role_id”: “2” },

This ID in the Users API does not match any user_id I receive from a DSS QOS Payload. It’s a completely different format.
QOS Payload (event: meeting.participant_qos)
“payload”: {
“account_id”: ,
“object”: {
“uuid”: , ## Removed but this is a standard unique meeting UUID. I am able to find it in the /v2/past_meetings/ end point.
“participant”: {
“user_id”: “12345678”, ## 8 digit numeric integer… starts with 1
“qos”: [
“date_time”: ,
“details”: { “system_max_cpu_usage”: “73%”,
“zoom_max_cpu_usage”: “37%”,
“zoom_min_cpu_usage”: “30%”,
“zoom_avg_cpu_usage”: “32%”},
“type”: “cpu_usage”

Issue Summary:
Basically, the ID from the User API end point looks like: ‘–1AlPhAN3Meric’ and the QOS payload User_ID looks like: ‘12345678’. No other User Identifying value comes from the QOS payload to be able to match.

Hoping the User API - ID value is encrypted which we can just decrypt.

Please let me know what you think,

Hey @kishan.patel,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

I’m working on confirming this for you, and will follow up here shortly.


Hi @kishan.patel,

Can you send the following to so that I can take a closer look? Please reference this thread as well.

  • Full API request and response sent to the /users endpoint
  • Full payload from the DSS webhook for Meeting.participant_qos


Hi @will.zoom,

I sent an e-mail to that address. Due to the nature of the data, I didn’t want to e-mail too many records and rather wait for a ticket to open up.
10070459 has been opened for this.

Hi @kishan.patel,

Thank you—confirming receipt of your email, and I will reply back to you there.


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