Meeting Participant User ID value

I am using Get Meeting Participants Reports to get participant data from Zoom meetings via their meetinguuid.
I was looking for further documentation on user id which I have assumed would fit the formatting of int64 or bigint (or even a varchar of length eight).

What I know from the given documentation under the participants array is it is a locally unique identity attribute and (I assume) could return null or different results if the user was a ‘guest’ (not a Zoom user under the associated account)

For one meeting (MeetingUUID = ‘KLp6/dd/SFaDAHW5j4a4vQ==’) the result contains three participants with a datetime added to the end of the userid (see screenshot).
I was wondering if there was further information or a case to this as I have not encountered this with any other meetings

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
(I double encoded the meeting UUID)

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @alastair.chin, thanks for the detailed post!

Although rare, I have seen this issue before:

We will look into this and get back to you with an update. (ZOOM-112804)


@tommy Any update on ZOOM-112804? I am getting the same invalid user_id that was reported in Feb in April.

“user_id”: “02020-04-02 17:02:02:040”

When I call v2/report/meetings/:meetinguuid/participants

Hey @rex,

Thanks for sharing the details, we will investigate and keep you updated.

May I ask the meetingUUID?


@tommy thanks for following up. I am not sure it is safe to post the meetind uuid in public. I sent the details to Zoom support:

I hope you have access to that.

The response was:

What you are seeing in the is by design in our system. Upon checking, we found that the meeting failed over. We add the date after the value of user_id to mark (indicate) the meeting failed over.

But my question was:

What do you mean when a meeting fails over? How does that occur?

Also it’s not documented. But also can the user id be separated from the time stamp? Like with a pipe character so we can still obtain the user id?

Also, what is the status of ZOOM-112804?

Hey @rex,

You can also private message me the meeting uuid on this forum.

I am not sure how this occurs, seems like there is an edge case in our system. We are investigating.

No, when this issue happens, the user ID is not present in the timestamp.

We are still investigating the issue.


But in our API results we do see the userid being there with the datetime appended. I will PM you.

Thanks @rex,

I will reply to your private message!


Hey @rex, @alastair.chin,

This will be fixed in our October release. :slight_smile:


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