User automatically disconnects mid webinar

We have integrated web sdk 2.6.0 in our application for webinars.

There is an issue being faced by both hosts and participants where the webinar gets disconnected automatically after 10-15 mins.

Sharing one of the webinar ids with this issue: 97954446529.

Although this problem is being faced in many sessions.

Browser being used is chrome across different versions.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?


Browser being used is chrome across different versions.

Thank you for using the Developer Forum, @gaurav.gupta1! To help better understand the pain points you are facing, could you provide some more clarity on your current implementation approach? Do you see any logs when the webinar gets disconnected? In testing this on my end, I am not seeing this same result. If you have additional information that you think will help us to assist you, feel free to reply here with screenshots and or video reproducing the problem.

Any insight you can share will help us either recommend a solution or suggest another approach you can consider.

I am integrating the meeting sdk in our app as a platform for teacher-student connection where we have two kinds of student users - paid and free. I’m using the webinar where I’m making the teacher join as a host, paid user as a panelist and free ones as attendees.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

For adding the panelist to the webinar, I’m firstly using the ‘add panelist’ api, then the ‘list panelists’ api to get the added panelist’s join url, from which I’m extracting the ’tk’ and passing on to the client side along with other required data and for attendees I’m sending the data without the tk. On the client side, I’m passing along the same data to the ZoomMtg.join() function, where the tk is present in the case of panelist and not for attendee.
Backend snapshot where I’m sending the panelist/attendee data:

Here I’m noot sending tk if user is free (to join as attendee).
Client Side:

Additional context
For client side using sample app from GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-angular-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in an Angular App

Please help with this issue as this is affecting business.

activate the zoom debug-mode in your application

    debug: true,

open the browser console (F12), activate settings “Show timestamps”

start your application

if the error appears, take screenshots of the console window with the log and error messages

post them here

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