Web SDK - Meeting Keeps disconnecting frequently for Random Users


We have Implemented ZOOM SDK with JWT and where admin create a meetings Url from ZOOM and Save that url in our Application, and then by that Url participants join that meeting through our PWA web Application.

Around 10% random participants report constant disconnect/reconnect and when we tried this internal team (US, Sweden & India) it happens there as well, it is annoying to them they have resorted to connecting directly. Its for Both Webinar and Normal ZOOM meeting

Participant gets disconnected and then he joins back and again got disconnected after same interval of time.

In console there are no errors or any thing which can tell something important,
But common pattern is they get disconnected after every 9/10 minutes.

We are using below Sample

Which version?
We were on 1.8.0

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Facing this issue too. Users get disconnected randomly from the meeting. This is very problematic. There is something broken at the Zoom end. Any help will be appreciated.

Facing the similar issue.

Hey I am facing the similar issue,

I join the meeting and after an interval of 10 mints , I get Kicked out of it. even if I join back again I get out of meeting after same interval.
This is annoying to have a continuous meeting and getting kicked out automatically after few minutes. Needs to be resolved ASAP.

Hey @gopalawasthi383, @catchsid79, @anubhavbansal727, @anujmansa,

Sorry to hear yo are being disconnected from the Web SDK. We are looking into this issue and will fix it as soon as possible. (CS-2477)

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console? Can you also share meeting UUIDs that you saw this issue happen to so we can investigate the logs?


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