User can't leave the meeting if the user is in the waiting room

I use zoom-sdk-ios- and custom UI.
when user join meeting and enters the waiting room - I got status


And I want to leave this meeting - I do

MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.leaveMeeting(with: .leave) - and after that i get only status

MobileRTCMeetingState_Disconnecting (the meeting never ends) - and when i try to enter this meeting again or any other (let response = service.joinMeeting(with: param)) I get error 152 inAnotherMeeting

It only happens if I try to leave the meeting from the waiting room - in all other cases, I can leave the meeting MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.leaveMeeting(with: .leave) and get status -