Waiting room callback sequence problem

The first is a custom UI that shows the waiting room interface when you join a meeting with a waiting room. Upon the moderator’s agreement, DestructionZoomMeetingVC will receive a callback that will lead me to believe that the meeting is closed. How can I do agree to join the meeting not to go DestructionZoomMeetingVC but to directly inform me of the status of the waiting room to send changes. I handle the UI myself.
Which version?

  • Device: IPhoneX
  • OS: iOS13.0

Hi @15604510000,

Thanks for the post. It is by design that if a user has been admitted to the main session, the user will first leave the meeting and then rejoin the meeting. If you would like to get the event when the waiting room status has changed, you may use the following callback:

 @brief Callback event that waiting room status changes. 
- (void)onWaitingRoomStatusChange:(BOOL)needWaiting;

You could refer to the implementation in our demo app:


@Carson_Chen It does not make sense to me. Currently we are simply getting a callback in

  • ( void )onMeetingStateChange:(MobileRTCMeetingState)state
    with state value as Meeting_Ended, how am i supposed to know that is temporary and the user has not been kicked out. What can I look at for me separate one scenario from the other.

Hey @nitin1,

The MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate provides other callbacks that are more useful for waiting room events than onMeetingStateChange.
The callback onWaitingRoomStatusChange is called with true as a parameter when the user has been put into the waiting room. It is called again with false as a parameter when the user has left the waiting room or has been admitted from the waiting room.