User can't tell they missed a meeting?

I created a meeting via the API, but this problem concerns all meetings. Happens with manually created meetings just as well.

If a user clicks the join link after the meeting ended (a common case with meetings and users in different time zones, or just general scheduling issues), there’s no indication whatsoever that they’ve just missed the meeting. The browser shows this screen:


That’s uninformative and also wrong (the meeting had ended). The app is worse:


That suggests the meeting will start in the future.

On the iPhone, the user is still prompted to Join Meeting:

Same on the Mac:

That screen should just NOT appear. The user should see they missed the meeting.

This seems like a pretty serious problem. Am I missing something? 200 million daily users and nobody else has reported this until now?

Hey @Civility,

It probably has been reported, just not on the devforum because this is for the Zoom Marketplace Platform.

Out of curiosity, is this a recurring meeting?

Can you please share this with


No, just a scheduled meeting.

I could, but the issue isn’t specific to us, and I don’t have any clout with I was hoping that Staff members here do?

The issue is very simple to reproduce:

  1. Create a meeting one minute from now
  2. Wait a minute, then visit the meeting’s join_url
  3. Stay in the browser flow.

(To begin with, the meeting landing page should inform the user that they missed the meeting.)

Hey @Civility,

Can you please submit this to ?