User "company" attribute

The documentation for the /users/me endpoint includes a user company attribute. However, in actual testing I am not seeing this included in my response. Is this attribute only included for certain types of users? Where or how is the value set?

Hey @geekjock,

You shouldn’t need to have any special permissions to use this field. You can update this via API by hitting this endpoint:

  "first_name": "Someone",
  "last_name": "Example",
  "company": "Some Example"

Note that you need to pass first and last name, in addition to company for this to go through. You can also update this field in the UI from a User’s Profile.

Let me know if this helps!

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@will.zoom Thanks for the help Will! My remaining question is how does this get set by Zoom customers? I’m just trying to better understand what user accounts would or would not have the field set, and why.

Hey @geekjock,

Since this field is optional, you’ll see it only on some accounts. The typical use case for this would be that it would be handled for business or education accounts by the account admin for consistency across an organization. :slight_smile:


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