Update User's fields (SCIM2 API)

I am trying to update an existing user’s information. This user was created using the Zoom SCIM2 API. I have found that I am able to update an existing user’s active, name, userType, and department fields. However, I am unable to update a User’s loginType, displayName, and userName fields. When I try to update anyone of those fields I get a 200 response, but the fields do not update. Is it possible to update an existing user’s loginType, displayName, and userName fields?

Which Endpoint/s?

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  1. Update user’s username

Request: PUT scim2/Users/{userId}
Headers: Content-Type: application/json
Authorization Bearer {oauth access token}
Body: {
“schemas”: [
“userName”: “someusername@gmail.com

  1. See error

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Hey @isvtest, thanks for reaching out and using Zoom!

Yes this should be possible. Our team is currently investigating, and I will post back here with updates.


I have also found an issue with the create user endpoint, https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/scim-api/user/userscim2create, I can only create a user with

“loginType”: {
“workEmail”: “false”,
“sso”: “true”

any other combination of workEmail, SSO bool value inputs fails. I get a successful response, but when I attempt to read that user with the returned userId, I get an error stating that the user does not exist. Is workEmail not supported?

Hey @isvtest,

Are you passing in the userID for GET /scim2/Users/{userId}? It should work.

We still looking into the update issue too.



Yes. After I create the user, I confirm that the user is created by hitting that endpoint, https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/scim-api/user/userscim2get. Additionally, I also check by hitting the endpoint that lists all users, https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/scim-api/user/userscim2list. In both cases the created user is not found. See Attachment. NOTE:
“loginType”: {
“sso”: “true”,
“workEmail”: “true”
create user, returns successful response. get user returns response stating that the created user does not belong to account. Get users endpoint does not include the created user in the response.

Thanks @isvtest,

We are looking into this and hope to have an answer to you tomorrow!


Hi @isvtest,

Our documentation was incorrect at the time, we have not corrected it. You are not actually able to update the loginType, displayName, userName. The API call will return 200 if you use the required paramters correctly then it will ignore the other parameters.

You should be able to use other combination for workEmail and SSO.

After you create the user, the user will still have to click the activation link within their email to join the account. If you check your user account in the Zoom web portal, they will be under the pending tab until after they click the activation link.

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Thank you for the clarification. I also want to point out that the List Users endpoint, https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/scim-api/user/userscim2list, might also need API docs updated. Currently the only filter listed in the docs that works is userName. All other filters do not work. I get an error message stating that “The current filter is not supported”. See attachments.

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Thanks @isvtest,

We will update the docs! :slight_smile: