User is not Able to update ZOOM config setting in saleforce

Hi Folks,

Help me out with below error which is coming to zoom members.
we installed marketplace app for salesforce.
we did necessary configuration and it is working perfectly fine for Admin user.Issue is when another users are trying to update zoom config user setting than he is getting below error.
Error -
“core.apexpages.exceptions.ApexPagesGenericException: access denied for zoom_app__Zoom_Configuration__c, controller action methods may not execute”

it will be helpful if anyone can suggest.


Hey @monika.patle ,

Can you please share the link to the Salesforce app you are using on the Zoom App Marketplace? There are a few of them so I want to be sure we are on the same page. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

we are using below salesforce app

Thanks @monika.patle !

Can you also please provide steps to reproduce the issue so we have a clear path to find the issue?

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Hi Tommy,

Below are the steps.

Zoom Member(Not Admin) login to the salesforce application-> Click on app Launcher-> search for the Zoom Config object → go to the user setting → clicking on checkbox ‘Send Email to Attendees at Launch’ and ‘Send ICS in Invitation Email’ under user setting.

After saving setting below error is coming.


ERROR #### Error:

core.apexpages.exceptions.ApexPagesGenericException: Update access denied for zoom_app__Zoom_Configuration__c, controller action methods may not execute



Hey @monika.patle ,

Can you please also provide a screenshot of the error? :slight_smile:


Thanks @monika.patle ,

Our engineering team is investigating this error. (ZOOM-256143)

I will get back to you soon with updates. :slight_smile:


Hey @monika.patle ,

After looking further into your issue, Please assign the user( who needs the ability to configure admin/org setting, like APIkey/api secret ) to ‘Zoom Admin’ permission;

Assign the other users the ‘Zoom User’ permission.

If the user just has the ‘Zoom User’ permission set, please check the user profile.

If the profile is custom profile, please remove CRUD access from ‘Zoom’ object (‘Custom Object Permissions’ section)from that profile.


Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


@tommy - we assigned Zoom Admin permission to that user who want to update below permission on Zoom configuration.
still user is facing same issue.
help me to recheck

  • Send Email to Attendees at Launch
  • Send ICS in Invitation Email

Thanks for letting us know @monika.patle .

We will investigate this further and get back to you.


Thanks @tommy

Hey @monika.patle ,

After speaking with our Zoom Salesforce experts, can you confirm the following:

  1. User is assigned only the Zoom User permission set.

  2. Make sure that user is a system admin. The above settings are user level settings, ‘Zoom User’ permission set should work.


Hi @tommy

That user was not admin user. We managed to solve the issue after giving admin profile to that user.
thanks for your support .
one more help will be require … After creating zoom event ‘send email’ button is not visible on that page.
how can we send meeting details along with link to user.


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Happy to hear that resolved the issue @monika.patle ! :slight_smile:

For your additional issue, please create a new topic and fill out the post template so we have enough info to help.