Zoom Salesforce Integration


I have installed Zoom Managed package in one of my salesforce sandbox. I have got API key and secret from zoom admin and have configured the same in Zoom-Config in Salesforce. This allows me to schedule a zoom meeting from Salesforce.

However, I need to integrate zoom webinar with Salesforce. When i try to authorize zoom, by clicking authoise button, I get following error.

Can you please tell what permissions need to be turned on my zoom admin?


Hey @RamaJ,

You must either be a Zoom account admin or owner to install account level apps, or have the proper permissions. You can check the permissions you need here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apphelp/c8ZcoziZQoaFPE8x6INBag


Hi @tommy,

Thank you for your response.

I have few more questions.

I need to integrate Salesforce with zoom. With help of our organisation’s zoom admin, I could authorize access after clicking Authorize button in Zoom_config in salesforce. Our organization is a big organization and after I integrated zoom with Salesforce, all Org’s webinars started getting populated in Salesforce-Zoom_Webinar object. Our zoom admin explained that zoom has got only two permissions “View all” or “none”. i.e. if I need to get webinar data in salesforce for an Organization’s Zoom account, I cannot filter it based on different departments of organization.


My organization has got three departments .I want only department #1 's webinars in salesforce, not all. How can i control that?

Also, where can get I detailed Zoom-Salesforce documentation. I found incomplete documentation. e.g
https://zoomappdocs.zoom.us/salesforce/install-and-configure/object-customization/other . This page looks incomplete.


Hey @RamaJ,

The Salesforce integration cannot filter based on department (subset of Zoom users in one account). May I ask your account # to see if there is another solution?

Here is the Zoom Salesforce App docs: https://zoomappdocs.zoom.us/salesforce

I will see if the “Other” page is missing any information.


Is there any talk at Zoom about the possibility of building out the Salesforce integration to have the same behavior with managing meeting registrations along with webinars? Or is there a way to change the app to do meetings instead of webinars? Because of the Pandemic we live out of Zoom meetings with our constituents and are constantly having people register for meetings. It is very rare that we leverage the webinars side of the platform.

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Hey @andrew.parrish,

Thanks for the insight! If you could, please add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests