User Management via Zoom API


I have a website with WordPress as CMS and I integrated the Zoom API to manage some meetings. Everything is fine so far but I have some questions:

I am using a pro account. Now I want to offer 15 meetings simultaneously. To realize this I invited 15 users via the user management in Zoom. These 15 users are all users with a basic license in Zoom.

Now I have some questions:

  1. I can assign all 16 users to a meeting. Are there any limits for the meetings? I made a test with such a user and this test did NOT stop after 40 minutes. That is why I was wondering of all users can meetings.
  2. How many Users can I assign to my account?
  3. Can I assign Co-Hosts for the case that a webinar host want to have another person who can share his screen and talk to all other attendees?
  4. When I have 15 meetings simultaneously how many attendees can join the meetings? 100 in sum? 100 per meeting? Or are there any other limits? If there are limits how can I upgrade the number of attendees?



Hey @apalm,

If the users are free users, the meeting time limit is 40 minutes.

You can assign up to 9,999 free users to your account.

For webinar, just invite that user as a panelist.

The limit is per meeting based on your plan: