User mention notification from jenkins to zoom channel

User mention notification from jenkins to zoom channel don’t tagged specific user

Hello. I send a message from jenkins to new created zoom channel. I tagged a user as a <!{{ }}|USER NAME> . I got a message in a channel - @USER NAME. But! I didn’t got a notification and after click on @USER_NAME nothing happend. Please help me to get a notification, how can i get a correct userJID?

My request body:

"""`body = """\
        "is_markdown_support": true,
        "content": {
            "head": {
                "text": "*[Jenkins] ${header}*"
            "body": [{
                "type": "section",
                "sidebar_color": "${color}",
                "sections": [{
                    "type": "message",
                    "text": "${text} ${RUN_DISPLAY_URL}"

Hey @chumachenkora,

Are you using the Zoom API, or is this a Jenkins endpoint? If this is a Zoom endpoint, can you point me to it? Any additional details you have will be helpful.


I’m using zoom API.
Sending POST request to
Body request i wrote you in previous message.

The main my task - send notification from jenkins to zoom channel that jenkins job finished. And also i should tagg the user that has started this job (@user_name in zoom channel). I found in zoom documentation that i should use syntaxys <!{{user_jid }}|USER NAME> in markdown messages. But i don’t know where i can take user_jid and what is this?

Hey @chumachenkora,

To make sure we’re on the same page—Can you point me to the endpoint/documentation you’re referencing?


Hey @chumachenkora,

This jid is not correct. A user jid is in the following format:


The {{CHANNEL_ID}} version is for linking to a Chat Channel.


Thanks Tommy! I’ll try it

Glad Tommy was able to help you, @chumachenkora :slight_smile:

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