User Name in zoom webhooks is empty

Hey ,
I am writing to report an issue regarding the webhook functionality of my client’s Zoom integration.
We have recently started with the new server to serve OAuth app and have noticed that we are not receiving some webhooks for our client after Zoom changed its Webhook Validation process.
This webhook : payload.object.participant.user_name is missing.
We have reviewed the documentation and made the necessary adjustments to our webhook endpoint, but we are still experiencing issues with receiving this webhook.
We suspect that the issue may be related to the changes made to Zoom’s Webhook Validation process.


Hi @zoomeleosdev , thank you for reporting. I am unfamiliar with this behavior and will look into it further. Is the email associated with your devforum account the same one associated with the application you’re receiving the webhooks with?

Hi @gianni.zoom , no we are getting the issue with other zoom account- If you need any other information, please let me know.

Hi @zoomeleosdev , thank you for following up. Did you receive ticket correspondence to your email? The number is 17272156.