User settings concurrent_meeting returns incorrect values

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
*Link to User settings API: Zoom User API

In our app, we are trying to determine whether or not a meeting can be started due to concurrent meeting limitations. That is, if the user has a meeting running on a different Zoom client, can they start another meeting in our application?

We know that limits on how many meetings can run concurrently varies by Zoom license. It’s our understanding that a Business license run 2 meetings concurrently, but Pro and Basic can only run 1.

We see that in User Settings in Zoom User API has concurrent_meetings, but it seems to be giving us incorrect values.

Concurrent_meetings values returned for each account type:
Business account: None
Pro account: None
Basic account: Does not get a value returned.

We would expect that Business accounts return value would be different then the Pro account’s.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Retrive user settings for a Business account, Pro account and Basic account.
Expected: Different values returned for Business and Pro accounts.

@julian.kast1 the best way to do is to use our event notifiers like webhooks or websockets.

You can listen to the meeting started event and look at the host_id field to determine if the user has a meeting ongoing at the time.

Hi @ojus.zoom, thanks for the quick reply. We know how to determine if the user has a meeting ongoing at the time, and have this implemented in our app. What we need to know additionally is if they are able, based on license restrictions, to start another meeting while they have one in progress.

@julian.kast1 I forgot to mention, you would also need to listen to the meeting has ended event (Meeting Webhooks ). When you receive the meeting started event, you know that the host has a meeting that is ongoing at the moment. Once you receive the meeting ended webhook you know they are free. For scheduled meetings, you can also listen to meeting created , updated and deleted webhooks to know if a user (host) will have a meeting at a certain time before hand

That is not the problem that we are facing; meeting status (started/stopped/etc) is not what we are asking.

We need a way to tell how many concurrent meetings a user can host at a time based on their account. This is specifically about understanding what capabilities the user has based on their Zoom license status. Knowing the meeting status only helps after we have this initial information.

When we get the user details and settings from the REST API there is not a clear indication of how many meetings that user can host at any single time that we can find. As the original author stated the values being returned for concurrent_meetings are actually incorrect based on that user’s account. What parameter or set of parameters can we use to have this information?

Simply put, how do we find out how many meetings a user can start simultaneously? We do not need to know about their current meeting status.