User Settings documentation incomplete

Is there more complete documentation for each of the user settings that can be changed via the API?

I have found that the API documentation itself does not provide enough information to determine how each of the user settings (and meeting settings) might affect our integration using the API.

Here’s the API documentation for updating a user’s settings:

For example:

  1. What does  scheduled_meeting.host_video and  scheduled_meeting.participants_video do? I assume they allow the user to be a meeting host (create meetings), or be a meeting participant. Is this true?Seems obvious, but the documentation doesn’t say. I try to avoid making assumptions when I write code.

I could go on… :slight_smile:

Hi John, 

Yes you are correct,  scheduled_meeting.host_video  allows the user enable video as a host and  scheduled_meeting.participants_video  allows the meeting participants to enable video. 

Also, thank you for your concerns about our API documentation, we are currently in the process of updating our documentation to meet our developers needs.