userEmail in JoinMeetingParams

I want to pass user email just as in web sdk(ZoomMtg.join({userEmail: email}))

But I’m not able to find this in android sdk

@MaxM @tommy Can you check please?

Hi @spectrumonlinecoachi, thanks for the post.

There is no way to pass the user’s email address into the Android SDK when starting a meeting. Can you please provide some additional context around what you are trying to accomplish with this so that I can suggest an alternative?


Hey @jon.lieblich,
I want to get the student’ss email in the after-meeting report for attendance purposes.

Hi @spectrumonlinecoachi,

In order for a user to be associated with a Zoom account when joining a meeting through the Android SDK, they must be authenticated. The options on Android right now are through ZAK token, email/pw login, or SSO token. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on any of these approaches.


I need to get the student’ss email in the in the wake of meeting report for participation purposes.

Hi @leohudsonxd, thanks for using the devforum.

The Android SDK does not support retrieving the email address of other meeting attendees. It does assign a participant ID to each authenticated user, which will remain consistent across multiple meetings for the same user and is globally unique.

Alternatives may exist within our REST API, so please feel free to ask over in the #api-and-webhooks category and someone will be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


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