UserManaged Zoom Marketplace App usage limit?

We are working towards submitting a UserManaged Zoom Marketplace app and looking to understand the usage limit. Below is our customer population information.

  1. We are an e-learning platform with 300+ customer tenants hosted on SaaS.
  2. Each customer tenant has one admin and 10+ Instructions who will be using the upcoming ZOOM Marketplace User Managed App : Overall we will end up 3000+ users who will be using this app

Can you answer following questions?

  • Do we need to anticipate any performance issues? If yes, how will be notified or tracked from our end?
  • Are there any alerts which can configure to understand the load from ZOOM Marketplace UserManaged app?

-Sai Anirudh

@sai11101989 Hope you will be fine.

Please review it here.