Username and password or one-time unique link for each user of webinar

Hi there,
I want to host webinars.
What I want to achieve:

  • each user can access specific webinar with his unique password and username only (I have list of users with password, so I want to allow to access webinar just for these users)
  • each user can access webinar from one location only (I want to prevent scenario, when users share their login credentials /username+password/ and multiple users connect with same credentials)

I can imagine situation, when user login on my server, then on background server generates via zoom api unique link on webinar and then redirects user to this link to participate on webinar.

is this possible somehow with API?

Hey @zoomdev2,

Have you considered utilizing Webinar Registration and then leveraging our Add Webinar Registrants or List Webinar Registrants endpoints?

Each of these endpoints will return a unique join_url for your registrants, which will pass along their name and details.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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