Using Webinar for Online class website

i am developing a website where users of the site can take online class, and another set of users can participate (view only).
i have paid plan in zoom, webinar enabled.
my site is in php, Laravel. using JWT token for api calls.
so far i have successfully created webinar through api. now the webinar has my zoom account as host.

  1. can i create multiple webinar taking place at the same time/conflicting time by api, using same host account (same JWT app) ?
  2. as i am using my zoom account to facilitate the service, so practically i will not be the host of the webinars. but one specific user of my site (user with role Teacher) will be starting the webinar, live stream his video. so in this case should i add the Teacher user of my site as Panelist in the webinar ?
  3. if i add he teacher as panelist, i dont want him to get any external email form zoom. only show him alert after confirmation after adding him as panelist. how to do that ?
  4. the Student type users of my site will be only joining the webinar to view the live stream. so i guess i need to add them as Registrant in webinar. but i dont want them to receive any email from zoom either. how to prevent zoom to send them email ?
  5. as the Teacher will be panelist, can panelist member can start the webinar with his video stream ?
  6. as you can see, the service is from my website, so i dont want the webinar to be publicly accessible with any url. i only want the Teacher and Students to start/join the webinar only form my site, so what measears or params i need to set to achieve that ?
  7. i guess i need to use Web SDK to start/join the webinar from my website. so how i can i ensure that the webinar started from my site and now from anywhere else ? i mean is there any verficcation token set system to disallow anyone from joining the webinar manually ?

i am really confused about these things as Zoom has a huge set of api’s and i feel lost anong them.
i will be really glad i could be cleared about above aspects.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @ashraf1,

  1. You can create multiple webinars on the same account, but they must have different hosts (user licenses). One user cannot host more than a single webinar/meeting at one time.
  2. If your user account is not hosting webinars, you will need authorization to create a webinar on behalf of another user. This can be done with JWT if the user is on your account, or through OAuth for users outside of your account.
  3. When creating or updating a webinar, use the settings object in the body of the request to set registrants_email_notification to false
  4. Same as above
  5. No, teachers should not be panelists. Teachers should be the host. You will need multiple webinar licenses.
  6. Webinars cannot be restricted to a specific domain, but they can be restricted to by registration or by authentication. I would recommend using the registrant’s unique join_url to join them from your site.
  7. The Web SDK cannot be used to start a webinar. This currently must be done through a Zoom Client application. Webinar Host features are most supported on Client applications.

Thank you for the answers. let me know few more things,

  1. can i create multiple webinar with same host but with different alternative host which is unders my account ?
  2. ok so Teacher should be host. or can be alternative host i guess ?
  3. unique join_url is passed during the webinar creation right ? so this join url is same for all reigstrants ? or it can be passed while registrant creation ?
    3.1. please give me little more details about the join_url. how it can be used. and what type of url’s can be used ?
  4. if the Web SDK cannot be used to start the webinar, then how the webinar can be started from my site ? i mean i am not clear how a host can start the webinar from my site, or a registrant can join from my site.
  5. is it possible like users of my site click on a button to join or start the webinar, and the zoom client application will start ? without showing any unique url or codes of the wbeinar to the users that they can misuse ?
  6. from where in my profile, i can find the user id that i can use for api call ?

Hi @ashraf1,

  1. No, this will not work - you will not be able to run multiple webinars at the same time on one host account. The alternative hosts will need to be on your account regardless.
  2. Teacher can be alternative host, but one license will not be able to be the primary host of two webinars at the same time
  3. With registration, a new join_url is provided for each unique registrant. This url is provided in the response of the Add Registrant API request.
  4. Currently, a host will need to start the webinar from a Zoom Client app, not the Web SDK. Registrants can join via the Web SDK on your site.
  5. Yes, this join URL can be called by directing the user within your site on a button click, or the Web SDK can use its join method to join the webinar
  6. In all API calls, your email can be used in place of your userID. You can get all user IDs on the account using the List Users API, or at your user portal you can go to your profile, in which you’ll see the user ID in the URL path.