Users in China get ZOOM_API_INVALID_STATUS with meeting unable to connect

China users are currently unable to connect to meetings on domain

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
App is using valid SDK Key and Secret

  1. Create meeting in US on any platform, start audio + video stream
  2. Android user in China not on VPN opens meeting in an app using SDK
  3. SDK initializes successfully, call join meeting once
  4. Status changes to MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING
  5. zoomClient.tryAutoLoginZoom() gives status ZOOM_API_INVALID_STATUS
  6. MeetingService.meetingStatus remains in MEETING_STATUS_IDLE

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Consistently repos on all client devices

Additional Context
Devices outside China connect without issue to same meeting id with all other configurations the same

Hi reesetrtw,

Thanks for the post. Could you provide an SDK log so we could further look into this issue? You may find the instruction to enable and get log from here:

What is the frequency of this issue happen in China?


Hi reesetrtw,

Would like to confirm your steps mentioned above, it looks like the interface tryAutoLoginZoom is being used without successfully logged in. Could you confirm the user is successfully logged-in before invoking the tryAutoLoginZoom?