Users keep dropping from meeting

I have integrated mobile SDK in my Android mobile App and I have kept a check of internet speed >1Mbps before joining the meeting, still our users come out of the meeting automatically. I am assuming its a internet fluctuation issue. What’s the minimum requirement of internet bandwidth in an Android mobile device? Also the upload/download speed that i am checking is in http protocol, assuming zoom is built on TCP/UPD protocol, i don’t see the check on my side to be useful enough. Is there a way to get internet speed using zoom SDK? Any leads would be of great help.

Hi pradeep,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We do have a listener that you could monitor the network status change:, and the status are listed here: However, unless the internet is totally lost, normally bad internet connection will not drop the user out of the meeting. Would you mind sharing a little bit more info:

  • Which SDK version are you using?
  • Are you getting any error message or error code when the user comes out of the meeting?
  • Are you using any proxy or VPN?
  • Could you share your SDK log?

Hope this helps. Thanks!

I have implemented the onUserNetworkQualityChanged part where i am getting user id as long. But how am i suppose to get SDK_NETWORK_STATUS on onUserNetworkQualityChanged? could you please give a brief idea about it?

Hi pradeep,

Thanks for the reply. Here are the steps to get the user’s network status:

  1. Implement the onUserNetworkQualityChanged callback
  2. Get the InMeetingUserInfo instance from the InMeetingService
  3. Get the user info by using InMeetingUserInfo.getUserInfoById(userId)
  4. Get the network status by calling userInfo.getVideoStatus().getVideoQuality()

The following code snippet might be helpful:

    public void onUserNetworkQualityChanged(long userId) {
        InMeetingService mInMeetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService();

        if (mInMeetingService != null) {
            InMeetingUserInfo userInfo = mInMeetingService.getUserInfoById(userId);
            Log.v("Zoom SDK", "onUserNetworkQualityChanged: " + userInfo.getVideoStatus().getVideoQuality());


Hope this helps. Thanks!