Meeting disconnect and not connecting again

Hello Support team,

We are using the zoom sample code in our application.
We successfully join the meeting but after some time the meeting disconnect and does not connect automatically( It display that trying to reconnect).

Then it redirect us to the leave_url value (zoom api peramter).
Is there anyway we can handle this at our end.
Please let us know.


Hi @kshitij.s,

Thanks for reaching out, can you provide us with the meeting ID that you used and also what is your location & connect speed? Those factors will help us determine the issue with the WebSDK.


Hello @Michael_Purnell

I am from India, and the meeting id is : 401024001
Speed is ok but thee meeting disconnect and try to reconnect(But not successful ).


Hey @kshitij.s,

We have identified the issue and are working to solve it.

Duplicate post:


Okay @tommy

Thanks for providing the update.

You are welcome!