Users randomly being kicked out of ongoing meetings

We are experiencing meetings in which hosts are doing nothing but still registrants are being kicked out of the meeting after a few minutes, and cannot re-enter (waiting for host message appears). This seems to happen randomly at different times (sometimes right after the beginning of a meeting, sometimes after 50+ minutes), and with different users. We are using the /meeting POST endpoint to create meetings with registrants, without authentication, and they use their personal join link to join.

Once a user is kicked out, and the host tries to re-start Zoom (as the host assumed this might help), the host wasn’t able to enter the meeting theirselves again - even though the meeting hasn’t ended.

Is there any parameter necessary or check going on in the background which may result users to randomly being kicked out of meetings?

Hi @markush ,

I dont think this has got anything to do with meeting created from APIs. Maybe internet connection? Can you send meeting and participant details to our support so that they can investigate further?