Using Custom UI with Zoom

I am a zoom dev newb, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

I am in need of some advanced features in zoom. I am looking to have 6 people join a standard zoom call. They can talk among themselves. I want to broadcast each individual speaker to a website page. The website page needs to have full control of how all 6 individual streams look using CSS/HTML. Thousands of people will be logging into that webpage watching these 6 speakers speak with each other. All six streams are live and audio is present on all, unless admin within zoom mutes them.

Let me know if this is possible, and if so please point me to the specific documentation on how to get started would be fantastic.



What platform are you looking to build? Custom UI is only supported for :

  • Mobile SDKs (android / ios)
  • Windows SDK.

You can also look into our session based video SDK (Zoom Video SDK) if you want to do more customization.


I want to output on a browser page.

In that case you need to check our session based video SDK

Thank you for letting me know. Before I get started I just want to confirm the session based video SDK can support using individual video streams that can be manipulated with CSS/HTML correct? I was told that was not possible, this is why I ask this question.

Thank you

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