Using Zoom API for a Commercial Product

Hi there,

My team is building a tutoring app and we plan to use Zoom’s API for the video conferencing. The app will be for commercial use. We’re building this app for our client.

My question is:

  • Can we customize the UI + composition of the video call?
  • If we’re using Zoom’s API on our app, can we whitelabel the solution? (put custom brand/logo)

Your help is greatly appreciated…

Hi @iman,

Great question, and happy to clarify.

If you’re looking to customize the UI surrounding the Zoom video functionality, our Zoom Web SDK offers more flexibility than the Zoom client:

If you’re utilizing our Web SDK, you can play around with our sample app to get a better sense of all the options and functionality available to you:

Utilizing our Web SDK and API endpoints will allow you certain flexibility, though I should note that if you’re looking for a true white-labeled experience, you might consider our Partner plan:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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