Meeting bot starter kit with

Alongside our friends at (like @amanda-recallai and @elliot-recallai), we’re happy to release an open source starter app for building Zoom Meeting bots.

The Meeting Bot Starter Kit is a boilerplate assistant Zoom App built using, Anthropic’s Claude API, and the Zoom Apps SDK.

The app joins a Zoom Meeting using an automated client and generates a transcript, requests a summary, then provides the summary back to the user in the Meeting in near real-time.

Customize the Meeting participant, summarization, and in-meeting Zoom App to build your own in-meeting assistant.


Thanks for the shout out @michael.zoom! This starter kit is a game changer.

Super excited to help make meeting bots easier for developers! :grinning:


Very cool! Super cool to see the starter kit.


Shoutout to @elliot-recallai for the tremendous work on this!!


hey @amanda, How can we get api access to give this a try?

@septembermanu, I believe you’re already in touch with my team, but please email me at amanda [at] if not!

Hey @amanda-recallai I wanna get in touch with, and I wanna make a ai bot. please let me know how can i apply, thanks!