What we can do with the Zoom SDK

I’m trying to add a new function to the app we are developing. The new function is linked to Zoom.
This is a new function that automatically pastes the URL link on the chat screen of the Zoom meeting.

I read the Zoom SDK documentation, thinking that I could use the Zoom SDK to paste URL into chat.
However, I understood that the Zoom SDK is for using Zoom functions in external apps, and that I can’t do what we want to do.

Isn’t it wrong in my understanding?

Hey @on.shin.90821_1 ,

Currently with the Web Meeting SDK, we do not have In Meeting Chat APIs.


Thank you for your answer.
Please tell me how to achieve what I want to do, other than using Zoom SDK.
For example, using Zoom APIs or platform such as Zoom Apps.

According to document, I understand that Meeting Chat is not available using Zoom API.

And, I couldn’t find any documents about the specifications of Zoom Apps on the WEB.
Should I send an email to the following address in order to participate in Zoom Apps?

I would like the documentation needed to help us develop in order for our application to participate in Zoom Apps.

I checked the following WEB page, but it seems that I can’t get a specific development method, such as how to negotiate between our application and Zoom.
Zoom Apps | Zoom
Introducing Zoom Apps, Bringing Best-of-Breed Apps Into the Zoom Experience - Zoom Blog

Hey @on.shin.90821_1 ,

Zoom Apps sounds like the right approach. Yes, please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with your Zoom Apps use case.


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