Using Video SDK with react native

Has anyone been able to build with the new Video SDK on React Native?

Hi @Jasan, thanks for using the dev forum.

Unfortunately we do not directly support React Native at this time.

That being said, it is absolutely possible to add the Video SDK to a React Native project! We have had quite a few developers successfully integrate our SDKs into their own React Native projects. :slightly_smiling_face:


Curious if those devs are willing to share how they did it.

Hi @Jasan,

I am sure any of the amazing React Native developers in our community would be happy to help if they came across this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, I have seen some developers write articles on how to integrate our Client SDK into a React Native project. Doing the same thing with the Video SDK should take a pretty similar approach. Since we don’t officially support this approach, I can’t recommend any specific articles, but they should be relatively easy to find with a quick search! :wink:


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