React native bridge for video SDK

We have a requirement where we are trying to bridge the latest Mobile video SDK (both Android and iOS) to React Native application. We are unable to find one. The forums say it could come in the near future (link). If there is an early stage of this bridge development available somewhere, we would like to have access to it. If not, then we would like to know when we can have it available or else steps/articles for us to follow to create a bridge on our own would be helpful.

Which iOS Video SDK version?
The latest one

Additional context
Require bridge for both iOS and Android Video SDK for React native (0.64).

Hi @venkateshwar.k, thanks for using our SDK.

Unfortunately we still do not have a publicly available React Native SDK. This is still something we plan on supporting, but there is no definitive timeline. There are some amazing developers in the Zoom developer community out there who have managed to get their React Native projects running with our SDKs, but we do not officially support usage of any third party implementations.


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