Using Zoom API for a Course Management Software

We are selling online courses to students on our website. we would like to start live lessons and sell them as well

I have gone through REST API documentation. But I am still not clear on below

  1. I believe we need one hosting user to create meeting.

  2. Lets say I have meetingId=123 for this. I have 30 students who paid for this. How do I make sure they only have access to meetingId=123 and nobody else. From the threads I read, looks like anyone who has access to link can join the meeting

  3. If I need to create user for each student, that is too much for us because we might have 1000s of users across the country buying courses

  4. Is English only option in Zoom interfaces? we have German, Turkish speaking students and they would not want to see English labels. Iow, is internationalization well supported?


Many thx

  1. correct

  2. correct

  3. participants (students) no do not need a zoom account to join, only the host (instructor) would need an account

  4. Zoom supports German and a few others