Using Zoom Apps SDK

Hi ,

I want to create zoom client app.

I want to use in my server side project the JS Zoom Apps SDK .

I need to use the authorize function to make the OAuth flow invisible for the user.

This function requires AuthorizeOptions which includes state and codeChallange.

How do I provide them ? and how the redirectURL that I pass when created zoomApp here App Marketplace to obtain the access token helps me ?

I’m familiar with the OAuth flow in OAuth backed app , But don’t really understand how to make the sso on the client app .

Any suggestions ?


@eladw Thanks for reaching out!

To get started building in the Zoom Client with Zoom Apps, please check out the following resources:

Here’s an example:

   state: 'TIA5UgoM38',
   codeChallenge: 'o0qAEF...'
}).then((ret) => {
}).catch((e) => {

Please see our reference documentation on this here:

Please see our docs on in-client auth and let me know if you have questions from there.

I hope that helps!