How to authorize without code in OAuth App(user-managed)

Hi. I need to create a meeting on behalf of any zoom user. It seems that an OAuth application should be used, but I did not find how to authorize server.

  1. zoom user adds my app
  2. server creates meetings for the user(how to do this if a token is needed to send a request?)
    Store the user’s refresh token in the database?
    Is there a way to authenticate on the server side?


In order to make API calls on behalf of the user, here are the steps:
1] Create an app in the marketplace. Fill the necessary information and get the publishable URL.
2] The user will click on the publishable URL which will take them through the authorization flow
3] Once the user approves the app, you will get a code (from the redirect URL)
4] Use that code to generate an access token / refresh token
5] Use the access token to make api calls
6] Use the refresh token to get a new access token when current one expires.

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Let me know if this helps.