Using to create unique links


Simple one. Im creating an iOS app. With Zoom API, can set up the API so that I can achieve any of the following:


  1. Enable non users to create a unique link for a meeting room even if they are not a current user?


  1. if we can’t do the above, can we simply have the user on my app sign in with their current credentials to create a meeting link which will not change?


Ultimately, I just need a fast way for users to utlise the app in any form as fast as possible. We will be providing the scheduling infrastructure so I just want to be able to create these unique links instantly .

We do not want to create our own video meeting room or anything



Hi Matt,

(1)  there is no option to create a unique meeting room link if you don’t have a zoom user account. I assume you don’t want to create zoom accounts for those users as well through our REST API’s 

(2) yes. The SDK supports two types of logins - API user logins (where you will need to pass the SDK key pair) OR end user login credentials. In your case, your app can get the end user login e-mail and password and pass it to the SDK - see the sample code


let us know if you have further questions.