Using Zoom Webhooks with Salesforce

We’re doing a POC to integrate Zoom and Saleforce. I’m familiar with existing Salesforce Zoom App and it is not something that can fit our requirements because we need to integrate with Custom Objects.
We were able to create JWT app and can successfully read and create data in Zoom.
In order to write back post meeting details we want to use webhook with respective meeting end subscription.

Is there any article we can use to understand the setup required at Saleforce side?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dmitry.T,

Have you checked out the Salesforce support article here[1]?



Hi @Michael_Purnell, yes, I did.
That what I meant writing that I’m familiar with Salesforce Zoom App. This solution allows to integrate with OOB Event and Lead objects while we need it for our custom objects.

I can’t review the Apex Classes coming with SFDC Zoom package, hence asking for an advice.


Hey @Dmitry.T,

It sounds like you need to go here to get Salesforce API credentials so you can get setup on the Salesforce side of things: