Utilizing DuiLib for custom application

We do not have an existing application, but we need to create one that can utilize Zoom with a minimal UI and add some custom buttons that send HTTP requests to our servers. I have looked through the SDK demo application and I would like to try and use the DuiLib library to create a similar login/join landing page and the buttons I want to implement. Is using DuiLib the correct way to go about creating this application?

Which version?
Windows SDK 4.6.21666.0427


  • Device Spec: PC
  • OS: Windows 10

Additional context
I tried to set up my own project with the same configurations that the demo app has, but when I try to build and run my app, I consistently get syntax errors in the Zoom SDK files themselves (I’m assuming I linked the files incorrectly or set up my project wrong). I followed the Getting Started Guide and was able to get the demo working just fine, but I have not been able to use the SDK in my newly created project just yet.

Hi @garettskaar,

Thanks for the post. Our SDK does not have any restrictions on how you draw your application framework so you may use any framework you prefer. You may cross-referencing the implementation and the configurations in the demo app.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

It does thank you. Is there a GUI library that you find most of your windows users using with the Zoom SDK? Or one that is easiest to integrate with Zoom?

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Hi @garettskaar,

In fact, I do not know. Since the UI implementation is not usually included in the conversation regarding the implementation of the SDK so I don’t know which is the most popular or the easiest to develop. Let’s see if any other developers could share some insights here.


Hey Carson,

Just wanted to let you know and anyone else wondering the same, I went with old school MFC/Win32. It works really well with what we need and I can join a Zoom meeting pretty easily working with it. I also read that Microsoft is planning on bringing WinUI 3.0 to work with Win32/C++ applications this November and we will probably switch to that once released. The SDK demo is really helpful once you pick it apart, I appreciate your help and feedback.

Thanks, Garett

Hey Garett,

Glad to hear from you and thanks for sharing the information! Hope you enjoy the Zoom SDK and let me know if any other questions. :slight_smile: