Utilizing DuiLib for custom application

We do not have an existing application, but we need to create one that can utilize Zoom with a minimal UI and add some custom buttons that send HTTP requests to our servers. I have looked through the SDK demo application and I would like to try and use the DuiLib library to create a similar login/join landing page and the buttons I want to implement. Is using DuiLib the correct way to go about creating this application?

Which version?
Windows SDK 4.6.21666.0427


  • Device Spec: PC
  • OS: Windows 10

Additional context
I tried to set up my own project with the same configurations that the demo app has, but when I try to build and run my app, I consistently get syntax errors in the Zoom SDK files themselves (I’m assuming I linked the files incorrectly or set up my project wrong). I followed the Getting Started Guide and was able to get the demo working just fine, but I have not been able to use the SDK in my newly created project just yet.

Hi @garettskaar,

Thanks for the post. Our SDK does not have any restrictions on how you draw your application framework so you may use any framework you prefer. You may cross-referencing the implementation and the configurations in the demo app.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

It does thank you. Is there a GUI library that you find most of your windows users using with the Zoom SDK? Or one that is easiest to integrate with Zoom?

Hi @garettskaar,

In fact, I do not know. Since the UI implementation is not usually included in the conversation regarding the implementation of the SDK so I don’t know which is the most popular or the easiest to develop. Let’s see if any other developers could share some insights here.