Issues with customizing our application using SDK

How can we remove the unwanted function from zoom windows sdk and integrate additional screens? Is there project source code (sample application) so we can customize the options? 

Hi Ben,

you can take a look at the sample:

You can hide the buttons that you don’t need. And could I know more about what screen you want to integrate?


Hi Wei, 


We want our desktop users to only be able to join a video call. We do not want them to have the option of starting videos, sharing screens, scheduling meetings etc. We are also having issues with your demo app - after we put in the app key and app secret, we are getting stuck on the start_join_meeting tab and it freezes. 

Hi Ben,

you can hide video button, sharing button, Zoom windows SDK provides API for it. 

Is the meeting you want to join valid?

It is not a valid meeting, we are just seeing how zoom works. But after we put in the key and secret it freezes on us. How do we hide all the buttons except the one we need? 

It is not a valid meeting yet. We are not able to create the meeting because it freezes. 

The client you are providing for windows and demo is completely different

Hi Ben,

Zoom Windows Client and Zoom Windows SDKs are different. You can login on to Zoom webpage and create meeting there.


We are building a mobile app as well as desktop application for one of the healthcare solution. And we need to integrate video/chat integration in both side.

But when we tried to integrate windows application we are not able to integrate it in winform application which we are going to develop in c#. 

We want to develop similar application like zoom windows client which you are providing. But we want to integrate zoom windows client functions in our own application instead of using separate application for video meeting.

Let us know the best possible way of integrating zoom video/chat service in our own windows desktop application.


Hi Ben,

All Zoom SDKs don’t have contacts lists and chat functionality. You can take a look at the C# wrapper :