V2.1.0 Web Meeting SDK

Identified 2 issues in v2.1.0 release

  1. The background keeps loading when selecting a different background from Settings and the self view(face) is hidden completely behind the background as seen in the snap. When the background is removed the self-view seems fine again.

  2. There is an extra string in the console.log (“tsssssss”). Moreover, why is the API Key and Meeting number logged in the console? This is not needed and also needs to be hidden in case the user wants to prevent sharing the meeting ID.

Tested in Chrome v96.0.4664.45

Having the second issue as well…

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Greetings, @elearningevolve, and @giancarlo1,

Thank you for reporting the behavior you are seeing. I am working on reproducing on my end and hope to update you shortly. Should you have any additional information you think will be helpful, please let me know. I appreciate any details you provide, as this will help us understand the problem, and it greatly enhances our ability to support and troubleshoot the behavior you are seeing.


Tested on my end and I can confirm the same. We have all console logs captured in Sentry so it’s not acceptable for them to contain secrets (API key) or personally identifiable information (username).

Here is the redacted log message if it helps:

zoom.js:2 tsssssss {meetingNumber: '[…]', userName: '[…]', signature: '[…]', apiKey: '[…]', passWord: '[…]', …}
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@thibaud.colas @giancarlo1 @elearningevolve

I wasn’t seeing this same behavior when testing with v2.1.1 and using the Client View. Changing the background worked as expected and I wasn’t seeing the tsssss error message that was referenced. Are you seeing the same issues with the latest version?


@MaxM I can confirm that the console logs issues has been fixed on 2.1.1

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Hi, @giancarlo1 ,

Glad to hear the console logs issues have been fixed on 2.1.1. Thank you so much for your contribution to the Zoom Developer.

With Care,

CC: @thibaud.colas , @elearningevolve

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