v2 API account information

In the v2 REST API, is there a way to run a simple request that returns only master account information? I’d like to do all the following in one call:

  1. Check connectivity
  2. Check credentials
  3. Get master account information as stored in Zoom’s DB
  4. Check account status (ok, unpaid, locked, etc.)

I looked around and couldn’t find a call that matches this. Maybe I’m missing something.



@Stephan, Now we don’t support these features.

Sorry, you don’t support which features? I’m certain that you support at least the first two.

Are you trying to say that there’s no API call to retrieve the user record for the master account holder?

How does the API respond if the account is unpaid? Unless you simply ignore this, you’re doing something that will alert me of the fourth.



#1, we don’t support a separate API to check connectivity

#2, we don’t support to response these credentials data - api_key/secret

#3, we don’t support to get master account’s info, but you can get master account’s settings 

#4, we only support list sub accounts API, will response account type value

Please refer to our API doc: https://zoom.github.io/api


How can you get the master account’s settings? GET /users and GET /users/…/settings both require a user ID. How do you determine the user ID for the master account?

You didn’t answer this: how does the API respond if the account is unpaid? Do you just ignore payment status or do you return some sort of code somewhere that indicates that the account is not current?

Can you clarify, “we don’t support to response these credentials data -api_key/secret”? I’m not sure what that means.


Please refer to https://zoom.github.io/api/