/v2/users/me/meetings not showing current meeting


I’m building a web app that shows current meetings for a user so other users can click the button in the web app to join. So far I have OAuth working and am generating the start meeting button based on the personal meeting link. 

However, when I use /v2/users/me/meetings when a meeting is active, it doesn’t return any records: 


Am I missing something? Isn’t this the right way to show a current meeting?


Hi Ben, 

What email or accountID is associated to your account? 



The account_id value I see in the API responses is this one: 5fnYVs1gT96QtUKimyn2MQ

But the number in my account profile is this: 1117489


Hi Ben, 

I took a look at your account, I do not see any meetings that you created. Do you have a meeting ID?



I just started a meeting using my default id at the time I was testing it. Should that show up in the users/me/meetings endpoint? Thanks! 


Hi Ben, 

If you use the /me/ API with using JWT,  it will return the account owner’s meetings. You will need to check your account owner and see if they got any meetings.