Validation Failed when create meeting

We are attempting to create a meeting through the S2S API, and while it succeeded in our testing environment, it failed in our client’s environment. The client’s RequestURI is as follows:


Request Body JSON:
“topic”: “Interview”,
“type”: “3”,
“password”: “12345”,
“settings”: {
“join_before_host”: “true”
The same request body in our testing environment with our company email was successful. However, in the client’s environment, we received a ‘Validation Failed’ response with the following error message:

‘Password provided does not match the password requirement settings set for this account. The password must follow these rules: [Password must have a minimum length of 6 characters., Your password is weak and easy to guess. Try another one.]’"

our client confirmed the password for that account is pretty strong

Hi @wh.zoom
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am happy to help here!
Here are the requirements to create the password